Many business owners are proud to say they take dividends from their company.

But is this the right way?  Are you missing out on financial benefits you didn’t know you could have had?

Find out the different ways to take your money out of your company and how it is affecting you in the background.

“My friend said he saves so much on taxes by taking dividends.”  A common statement made by entrepreneurs.  This statement can be a myth, however, if you think that it is saving you on taxes.

There are good reasons to take dividends, but equally good reasons NOT to take dividends.

The right answer is the one that is right for you.  Your personal tax situation, family situation determine how you should take your money out of your company.

Come join us for a webinar that will walk you through the reasons you would make a choice one way or another.  Walk through the webinar that will explain the “why” of each type, and how they both work to your advantage.