Educator. Author. Entrepreneur.

Learn more about Lynn and how she can help your solopreneurs create future success.

Multifaceted approach with real experience.

Real-world knowledge from someone who is an experienced entrepreneur.
Professional teacher / business educator helping your solopreneur staff navigate the logistics of being in business.
Public speaking about business, being in business & entrepreneurship. I share the knowledge and experience I have attained through my successful bookkeeping business.

My first book is geared specifically for newcomers to entrepreneurship. Quick and simple information for your first 3 very delicate years of being in business.

I have spent many years teaching and educating.

I have been designing workshops for employers/employees since 1995. I have a knack for creative thinking in the workplace and the ability to apply skillful knowledge for powerful & dynamic solutions. I love teaching…it is truly a passion of mine.

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