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Business Consulting

The art of helping business owners understand how “What they do” turns into “What they make”.

The financial end of your company is very powerful and often underused in many businesses.  Some people think that the financials tell you what you did, or how much money you made.  Made…as in past tense.

In fact, they do exactly the opposite.

They tell you how much money you are making, and what your power and potential is to make more money in the future.  How so?  By knowing the HOW the numbers are put together, you can reasonably predict if your existing processes are making a difference, and how they will impact you in the future.

Hiring a financial business consultant pulls this together, so that you can get fast and quick information how your internal processes, your system, CRA, taxes, and so much more all pull together to give you the financial picture.

Lynn is for hire on a short term basis, either to give you 1 on 1 advice and assistance, or to give you a skilled set of hands to dive in deep and get a project done.


Teaching people with fast and quick knowledge, so that they can make better business decisions.

Sharing her experience as a business owner, Lynn’s approach to educating solopreneurs, contractors and independent staff is informative and inspiring. Each educational session works for up to 30 employees. It comes with a copy of her book for participants (A $30 value), pre-session needs analysis, preparation of her workshop customized to your industry or company and evaluation forms.


Sometimes, you just want the person on stage to be unique and insightful.

Lynn’s insightful and educational talks on business techniques is entertaining and informative. Each engagement comes with a pre session needs analysis, evaluation forms and can be customized from 30-90 minute sessions.