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Geared for the owner that wants to know a little bit of everything, this course teaches you the fundamentals of business.

This course covers the very basics as well as some advanced concepts.



This class is live and online.  A series of 6 webinars live with Lynn Webb covering the most important content from Business for Newbies.

This course has bonuses including a free 30 minute coaching session with Lynn.



This course will specifically teach you what to do with that shoebox, and how to get the paperwork sorted.

It will teach you how to get your paperwork ready for the accountant!


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How to prepare for your accountant

Wednesday, March 21, 2018 at 3:30 Mountain Standard Time Are you a small business that is trying to get ready for your accountant?  Whether you are a sole proprietor, or an incorporated company, this webinar is a must see for those that are doing their business year...

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Payroll (T4) vs Dividends (T5)

Many business owners are proud to say they take dividends from their company. But is this the right way?  Are you missing out on financial benefits you didn't know you could have had? Find out the different ways to take your money out of your company and how it is...

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